We make the most of all our children.

Based on the low global statistics of women in leadership, the time is now to narture today's young woman in preparing her to take up the seat at decision-making table. Am empathetic woman at any leadership position will bring on board innovative solutions to unprecedented challenges in the domain of her headship in betterment of this world. A decade from now, that will be today's girl - your daughter.
In the quest of the above, Engender Youth Mentorship - an all girls'-oriented initiative is deliberately working towards developing a generation of the world's next 'Thought Leaders' through augmenting positive behavioral capabilities, leadership potential and self-worthiness from an early early age. At Engender Girls' Mentorship, we develop the world's next woman 'Thought Leader' to discover her SELF-WORTH. The journey towards this accomplishment starts today. Join the cause.

Josephine Omunyidde Zhane

Founder, Engender Youth Mentorship

Our Values






Our Partners

EGENDER's partners are instrumental in our efforts towards the girl-child mentoring. We carry out this work in collaboration with our network of individuals, organizations and charities. We are deeply grateful to our supporters in the private, public and nonprofit sectors that have worked with us to combine resources, talent and influence toward ensuring that mentoring is safe and effective for the girl youth.