Girls Up Dialogue 3

16TH OCT 2020

Engender Girls' Mentorship was established to engage the girl-child in interactive learning and skilling experiences designed to discover their self-worth and develop strong leadership traits to support them thrive amidst an evolutional world that harbors the challenges of increased 'millennial' traits such as negative exposure to digital age notions whilst preserving our values.

The Girls Up Dialogue is one such interactive experience.
Our daughters deserve mentorship from the on set to boost their self-worth. We are looking forward to the Inspirational moment over coffee with a self-driven Corporate Affairs Manager from Standard Chartered Bank #Uganda and PR Advisor Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum #leadership #women #pr #learning #success #experience #coaching #inspiration #growth

Our Partners

EGENDER's partners are instrumental in our efforts towards the girl-child mentoring. We carry out this work in collaboration with our network of individuals, organizations and charities. We are deeply grateful to our supporters in the private, public and nonprofit sectors that have worked with us to combine resources, talent and influence toward ensuring that mentoring is safe and effective for the girl youth.