Listening to young girls share ideas about things they feel make up their identity:

20TH FEB 2021

Listening to young girls share ideas about things they feel make up their identity: attributes that define them - who they believe they are, their career aspirations, life goals and dreams for their lives while in a conversation facilitated by one of #uganda's outstanding Media Personalities - Flavia K. Tumusiime was deep!
In this kind of space, the girls freely share their lived experiences, sometimes for the first time, without fear of judgement or ridicule. It’s a space to talk about the joys and challenges of finding out who they are and their purpose guided by the Guest Mentor.
It’s a space to embrace their multifaceted identities as their greatest asset to success, and not a burden or something to apologise for.

The vulnerability, honesty and frankness that the young girls display during the Engender Girls Up Dialogue articulates ways in which their identities intersect, clash and complement each other.
It is in such moments that you witness the strength of girls exploring how to journal their purpose and identity as a winning combination.

The power of identity exploration being the magic ingredient in journaling their experiences . Each girl tuned up their year start with a Journal authored by an amazing Agatha Kisakye Kabugo.
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Our Partners

EGENDER's partners are instrumental in our efforts towards the girl-child mentoring. We carry out this work in collaboration with our network of individuals, organizations and charities. We are deeply grateful to our supporters in the private, public and nonprofit sectors that have worked with us to combine resources, talent and influence toward ensuring that mentoring is safe and effective for the girl youth.