18+ Becoming A Woman (BAW)

18+ Programme also known as Becoming A Woman (BAW) of influence is customized for the 18+ year-old girls in preparation to joining university or tertiary institutions to prepare them for the new life ahead. Engender Girls' Mentorship 18+Becoming a Woman (BAW) enables young adults to become influential within their spaces, overcome obstacles, focus on their education and, ultimately, to succeed in school and in life.

Today's girl youth faces many peer-influence related obstacles. It's easy for the girl youth follow negative influences that lead to serious trouble. It's easy for them to drop out of school. BAW supports a girls' in a 360 manner to help them make better choices in life.

Through mentorship learning experiences, BAW mentees practice impulse control and emotional self-regulation. They raise their aspirations for the future and develop a sense of personal responsibility. BAW fosters positive development in young women by emphasizing Six Core Values:

God - Fearing: fostering an attitude of acknowledging God as the ultimate guidance in life.

Integrity & Influence: My values equal my actions to touch and change lives.

Accountability: I am responsible for the consequences of my actions whether intended or unintended.

Positive Expression: I am confident and must express myself confidently always.

Self-Determination: I pursue my goals in the face of adversity. I learn to conquer self-defeating thoughts and overcome obstacles.

Visionary Goal-Setting: I create a vision for myself, for who I am, and how I want to be seen in the world. I create a vision that is focused on making my community and the world a better place. I set goals based on my vision and make responsible choices that help me achieve those goals.


Engender Youth Mentorship executes transformational programmes with an objective to promote dignity and self-esteem of girls and young women while addressing their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Our Partners

EGENDER's partners are instrumental in our efforts towards the girl-child mentoring. We carry out this work in collaboration with our network of individuals, organizations and charities. We are deeply grateful to our supporters in the private, public and nonprofit sectors that have worked with us to combine resources, talent and influence toward ensuring that mentoring is safe and effective for the girl youth.